Currently, our laboratory disposes of four mass spectrometers, described in further detail below  






The SYNAPT™ HDMS™ System is a flexible research platform providing:

• Triwave™ Technology: Provides access to the unique benefits of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS), conformational studies, reducing sample complexity, and enhanced fragmentation
• Time aligned parallel (TAP) fragmentation: Provides comprehensive structural (MS/MS/MS) information in a single experiment
• High duty cycle (HDC) mode: Enables significant sensitivity enhancements over a wide m/z range
• DriftScope™ Software mobility environment: For interactive visualization and manipulation of multidimensional data
• Exact mass: 2 ppm RMS
• High resolution: Over 17,500 FWHM
• High sensitivity: Class-leading sensitivity, which features
• Enhanced duty cycle (EDC) capability for maximum duty cycle over specified m/z range
• Dynamic range: > 4 orders of linearity
• UPLC Ready Acquisition Rates: Up to 10 spectra/sec
• Precursor ion selection: 4, 8, and 32KDa quadrupole options for MS/MS analysis
• UPLC/MSE: High-definition metabolite and protein profiling
• MassLynx™ Informatics: i-FIT, MetaboLynx™, MassFRAGMENT™, MarkerLynx™, and ProteinLynx™ Global SERVER


Waters Xevo Q-TOF (ESI-QTOF)


To provide the ultimate system solution, Xevo QTof MS features:

• IntelliStart™ Technology for simplified set-up and performance monitoring.
• Designed with ACQUITY UPLC® Technology in mind to leverage the benefits of the highest chromatographic resolution, speed, and sensitivity.
• Outstanding sensitivity and selectivity to deliver high-quality, reproducible exact mass measured data routinely.
• MassLynx™ Informatics to deliver simple and rapid compound identification and interpretation. This allows you to make intelligent business decisions faster.






Waters Quattro Micro API (ESI-QqQ)


Developed for routine HPLC/MS/MS quantitative applications and qualitative screening, the Quattro Micro™ API is an affordable, high quality tandem quadrupole MS delivering superior levels of sensitivity, selectivity, robustness, speed, and accuracy.


• Accurate, reproducible chromatographic peak area measurement
• Robust ZSpray™ atmospheric pressure ionization interface
• Versatile range of ionization options
• Multimode capability in a single run
• Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools
• Dedicated application managers for your specialized analytical requirements
• Small footprint that sits easily on your laboratory benchtop








Waters GCT Premier (GC-TOF)



The GCT Premier™ benchtop orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight (oa-TOF) mass spectrometer delivers high sensitivity, resolution, and exact mass measurements for GC/MS applications. Its fast data acquisition rates and automated workflow features match the requirements for MS detection when coupled to high-resolution capillary GC. A variety of GC inlet, ion source and software options makes the GCT Premier a versatile choice for a range of analytical challenges, from identifying contaminants in food and environmental samples to metabolomic studies.


• High MS resolution for the selectivity needed to separate analyte spectra from isobaric interferences and background chemical noise
• High sensitivity for achieving very low detection limits
• High linear dynamic range, which allows experiments to be carried out across a range of concentration levels
• Exact mass MS measurements, which give elemental composition information that can be used to identify analyte compounds; you can obtain exact mass measurements on both molecular and fragment ions, simplifying the process of spectrum interpretation
• Versatile ionization options that apply to a range of compound classes, including support for both direct insertion probe and GC analyses
• Versatile software options for a variety of applications

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